Colin Bloch specialises in the orchestral, baroque and solo repertoire, having performed as an orchestral musician and soloist in the UK, the USA, South Africa and Germany. Principal mentors were Georges Frans (Paris school) and Charles Few (Chicago school), and he has attended international masterclasses with Chris Martin (Chicago Symphony Orchestra), Reinhold Friedrich (Karlsruhe), and Kristiaan Steenstrup (Copenhagen).

Career highlights include performances with Eddy Calvert, Renold Schilke, John Wilbraham, the National Symphony Orchestra, the American Dance Theatre, the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, and the Scottish Brass Quintet. He has broadcast on the BBC, the South African Broadcasting Corporation, and on Channel 4.


“Fabulous playing, beautiful sound.”

“…this remarkably gifted soloist… the assurance and skill of a seasoned musician…”

“…phenomenal talent…a smooth and silvery tone…phrasing was admirable…”

“The star turn of the evening was a scintillating performance of Haydn’s Trumpet Concerto by Colin Bloch.”

“…there must be special mention of the purity of Colin Bloch’s obbligato…”

“…a fine clarion ring…a highly commendable obbligato…”

“Colin Bloch as soloist can only be described in superlatives.”

“…a sweetness of tone on an instrument that in less capable hands can be more tormenting that pleasing…”

“…added dramatic sparkle…”


American Dance Theatre Orchestra
Arnolfini Chamber Orchestra
Beaumont Orchestra
Brandon Hill Chamber Orchestra
Bristol Concert Orchestra
Cheltenham Chamber Orchestra
Ealing Symphony Orchestra
Elon Academy Quintet
Filton Band
Melos Academy Brass Ensemble
Philharmonia of Bristol
SABC Orchestra
Scottish Brass Quintet
Scottish Chamber Orchestra
University of Port Elizabeth Orchestra

Argyll Orchestra
Bath Cantata Group
Bath Symphony Orchestra
Bristol Chamber Orchestra
Cape Town Symphony Orchestra
Duke University Orchestra
Edinburgh University Orchestra
Enigma Orchestra
Johannesburg Symphony Orchestra
National Youth Orchestra
Port Elizabeth Municipal Orchestra
SAAF Central Band
Scottish Sinfonia
St John’s Orchestra